Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Bushmills Range, and why it’s awesome

Its been a very very long time since the lovely people at Bushmills started whiskey. The current range contains some stunning malts and blends. Some of historic significance, some sublime, and some not so sublime. The history of Bushmills and distilling in the area is a complex story, not just due to the much vaunted, disputed and rebutted 1608 to say the least, and is best kept for another blog entry. This week's entries will deal with the whiskey.

Bushmills Original

This is the basic blend. There's often a propensity for referring to this as 'ordinary' Bushmills. This causes umbrage with fans of Bushmills. There is only extraordinary Bushmills and MORE extraordinary Bushmills. Although I am a HUGE fan of Bushmills, I disagree. This is very ordinary Bushmills, very ordinary indeed. It noses quite thin and solventy, there is a bit of leafmould and and reedy notes on the palate and finish respectively, on the up side of course there is a bit of light toffee and caramel and even a touch of digestive biscuit, but nothing much to report. It's a bargain basement blend. It's the Irish equivalent of Bells so there's not much surprise on the lack of fireworks. Respectable but nothing 'extraordinary' 5 / 10

Later this week....

Bushmills Black Bush

Bushmills 10 Year Old

Bushmills 12 Year Old

Bushmills 16 Year Old Triple Wood

Bushmills 21 Year Old

Bushmills Millenium Malt

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