Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Bushmills Black Bush

The ever amusingly titled Black Bush is a particular favourite of mine, having erm... 'liberated' various amounts of it from my Dad's spirit cupboard in my teenage years. It was mainly for the alcohol at the time, but this deluxe blend started off my interest in whiskey.

This is the step up from white label Bushmills, it's got a high malt:grain ratio, and though it's got no age statement on the bottle, but I have it on good authority that it's an 8 year old minimum.
Heavily Sherried.
8 years old.
This should be fun!
Nose: Starts off with dark fruits, the sherry overtones reminding me a bit of Christmas cake or Madeira cake, and who doesn't like cake? Beneath that lovely, but uncomplex note you can smell walnuts and almonds. The nose is tempting but subtle, like a girl with just enough cleavage (apparently Black Bush invites mild sexism too, for which I apologise).

Taste: The first taste is again, quite nutty with a slight woody element to it. As with the vast majority of Irish whiskey, and Bushmills in particular, it is smoother than a satin covered billiard ball.

Finish: A mix of dark and milk chocolate abound on the finish, which is lingering, but again, uncomplex. A slightly ferny end to an otherwise pleasant well balanced nip.

Reduced: Basically, as above. There is no real development with water, except a slightly lavender part to the taste. I wouldn't recommend adding water to this whiskey.

In summary, I would have to say that Bushmills Black Bush is a wonderful wee 'every day' dram that is pleasant enough to have to unwind after work, but not something you would open for a birthday, but then it's a deluxe blend, it's not supposed to be the ultimate in whiskey. IT is a damned fine blend though and a great one it you're trying to introduce someone to Irish whiskey. 7 / 10

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