Monday, 6 February 2012

Napier University Whiskey Society find their original constitution.

Napier University Whiskey (yes I use an 'e'. Sue me) Society's hand written constitution has been found in a loft in The National Library of Scotland.

This, whilst technically accurate, may be a bit of a convoluted description for me finding the document dubbed "The Kilchomanifesto" after the newest (at the time) distillery which sprang up on Islay. whilst recycling some of my old files from university. This prestigious document was written in biro, in the drunken scrawl of one who'd had one too many drams of Ardbeg. I know, because it was me and my friends that wrote it.

There are a few wee creases, but I'm quite proud that spelling mistakes are minimal for someone who would have had to have 2 goes at finding his own face.

You can find out more about the noble adventures of Napier University Whisk(e)y society at